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"Phillip Bimstein uses the voices, natural sounds and culture of his adopted home in his compositions, and he practices politics with music in mind."
-- National Public Radio's All Things Considered
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"The irresistible charm of Mr. Bimstein’s music has less to do with technology than with his uncanny knack for finding the music of everyday life."
-- Steve Smith, New York Times
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“A generous and good-natured spirit, tempered with wry wit and a special sense of the western landscape and culture . . . flavor and color in a way that only Bimstein can do.”
-- John Adams, composer

"America's only all-natural politician-composer"
-- Paul Kvinta, Outside Magazine

“Bimstein’s score bristled with rhythmic vitality”
-- Jack Anderson, New York Times


"Handsomely crafted . . . rhythmically exciting . . .first-rate (Dark Winds Rising)."
-- Joan Reinthaler, Washington Post

"There's a lot of immediacy, wit, and inventiveness on this CD (Garland Hirschi's Cows)"
-- Eric Salzman, Stereo Review, April 1997

"A highly entertaining, populist-oriented collection of serious modern music. Bimstein's compositions are a virtual breath of fresh air"
-- Carl Baugher, SCHWANN Opus

"Quirky and thoroughly engaging"
-- Dean Suzuki, WIRED

"Simply eloquent . . . a sonic goldmine . . . strikingly moving . . . a profound showcasing of deeply felt emotions . . . powerful, original . . . Here is a talent to watch."
--Daniel Buckley, Stereophile


"The Door is a Well-Tempered Clavier of digital sampling."
-- John Schaefer, WNYC's New Sounds

"Phillip Kent Bimstein's Garland Hirschi's Cows is a meticulously crafted and aimed delight, a little masterwork of whimsy . . . an effervescent mix"
-- Mike Silverton, Fanfare, The Magazine for Serious Record Collectors

“As mayor, Bimstein sees more dramatically than most artists do what it takes for a small town to be whole and healthy.  Through Larkin Gifford’s example, we’re all reminded of the power of first-hand music”
-- Hal Cannon, Western Folklife Center, NPR’s Weekend Edition
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-- Kyle Gann, Village Voice

“Delightful . . . highly inventive deconstructive and transposition techniques . . . richly harmonic and lyrical . . . remarkable”
-- “Blue” Gene Tyranny, All Music Guide

"An utterly fascinating alternative music piece . . . (Garland Hirschi's Cows) has become a hit on alternative radio"
-- Dave Hoekstra, Chicago Sun-Times

"Inventive, witty, original (Garland Hirschi's Cows)"
-- Time Out (London)

"Composer's St. Louis Work takes him out to the ball game"
-- Sarah Bryan Miller, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

"Bimstein has the uncanny ability to entwine language and music to tell entertaining stories"
-- Jennifer Price, High Performance

"Invigorating--effective--highly accessible--the Turtle Islanders gave Mr. Bimstein's work (Dark Winds Rising) a powerful premiere"
-- Catherine Reese, Salt Lake Tribune

“Quite captivating”
-- Ed Reichel, Deseret Morning News

"Accessible high art that reflects our unique culture"
-- F. Andrew Taylor, Scope (Las Vegas)

"Bimstein's Garland Hirschi's Cows is a humorous left-field hit"
-- David Newgarden, CMJ New Music Report

"Garland Hirschi's Cows--A new dance graze has hit town"
-- Mark Pappenheim, London Independent

"An unexpected highlight of the (Telluride Composer-to-Composer) festival was Garland Hirschi's Cows . . . a highly contrapuntal and lyrical piece."
-- Iris Brooks, Musicworks (Toronto)

"Some activists choose to spread their message through arts or music, others delve into politics. Phillip Kent Bimstein does both. This contemporary classical composer is also the mayor of Springdale, Utah."
-- Andrew Kiraly, Las Vegas New Times

"The composer has penned pure music magic (Refuge)"
-- Jeff Manookian, Salt Lake Tribune

Abramyan Plays Bimstein's Take on Tempest Williams
-- Catherine Reese Newton, Salt Lake Tribune

"A sublime string quartet . . . elegant perfection (Refuge)
-- Rick Mortensen, Deseret News

The Suite Sound of Controversy -- Read the story behind Dark Winds Rising
-- Isaiah Stewart, Private Eye

"A study in sheer brilliance -- Bimstein's music was inspired, had the sheen of perfection"
-- Kay McLain, The Herald-Sun (Durham, NC)

"His compositions draw from the sounds of Zion Canyon . . . combining strings, wind instruments, and voices that capture the heart and soul of Canyon Country."
-- Nicky Leach, Sunset

"Liquid Interior, a starkly beautiful piece . . . evocative . . . a wonderfully structured work that evokes a sense of vastness . . . Bimstein's concluding orchestral hymn adds to the majesty"
-- Helen Forsberg, Salt Lake Tribune

"Dark Winds Rising was pensive, eerie and thought-provoking--a highlight of the evening"
-- Jan Thompson, Deseret News

"Phillip Bimstein -- an artist uniquely connected to the landscape and spirit of Utah"
-- Dorothy Stowe, Deseret News

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"American's only all-natural politician-composer"
- Outside Magazine