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CDs: New Releases

Phillip Bimstein’s “Larkin Gifford’s Harmonica” is now available on Starkland.

From the CD’s Introduction, by composer John Adams:

“Like their composer, the pieces on this album communicate a generous and good-natured spirit, tempered with wry wit and a special sense of the western landscape and culture.

He has an enviable knack for choosing spoken narratives that reminds me of the filmmaker Errol Morris. These spoken riffs are placed in musical settings that give them flavor and color in a way that only Bimstein can do.”

From the New York Times review of the CD:

"The irresistible charm of Mr. Bimstein’s music has less to do with technology than with his uncanny knack for finding the music of everyday life."
-- Steve Smith

For more information and excerpts, go to Starkland

Larkin Gifford's Harmonica

Available at Starkland

Available at Amazon

Read the complete New York Times review

Listen to Phillip Bimstein's music at MySpace

CDs: Currently Available

Phillip Bimstein, "Garland Hirschi's Cows,"
available from Starkland
(Garland Hirschi's Cows, The Louie Louie Variations, Dark Winds Rising,The Door, Vox Dominum)

Five alternative classical works by Phillip Bimstein on his premiere CD!

"There's a lot of immediacy, wit, and inventiveness on this CD"
–  Eric Salzman, Stereo Review

"Simply eloquent . . . a sonic goldmine . . . strikingly moving . . . a profound showcasing of deeply felt emotions . . . powerful, original . . . Here is a talent to watch." 
-  Daniel Buckley, Stereophile



blue haiku, "Heat Beneath the Sand"
Chamber folk music by Phillip Bimstein, performed by the new acoustic quartet, blue haiku (oboe, English horn, violin, guitar, bass, vocals)

 "A fascinating acoustic quartet that covers a lot of musical ground . . . fresh and engrossing . . . well-crafted lyrics" - Sing Out!

"Consummate musicianship . . . as accessible as it is unique . . . an exquisite dance of counterpoint and harmony" - The Independent

For more information and audio files go to blue haiku


Any or all of the three recordings described above may also be ordered directly from the composer.  Each CD is $15.  Shipping is $4 for one CD, $5 for two or three. 


Add $1.00 for the special collectors’ edition “Larkin Gifford’s Harmonica” button.  Please mail your check to:  Phillip Bimstein, 981 S. Lincoln Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84105. 

Phillip Bimstein’s compositions are also available on CDs by the Modern Mandolin Quartet, Stephen Caplan, Corky Siegel’s Chamber Blues, Equinox Chamber Players, Red Mesa Trio, Phil ‘n’ the Blanks, Otis Ball, Michael Smith, Morgan Fisher and more . . .

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